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Remember the new term the Fed gave us for perfectly healthy people under the age of 50 dying? SADS: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Pull. My. Finger.

The only thing connecting all the SADS cases was the Covid vaccinations. SADS then shifted to deaths being reported as “died suddenly”, since the public refused the cute acronym SADS.

“Died suddenly” appeared much more than usual. And, we now have a report that could shed light on that expression. According to The People’s Voice, the CDC is keeping secrets:

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “released” a 148-page study on myocarditis after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and every single word on every page has been completely redacted. Nothing to see here, folks. The 148-page document released by the CDC was in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Epoch Times…

My team sounded the alarm bell years ago, and got banned from social media. I remain shadow-banned for comments I made that were true then and remain true now.

Those of us sounding alarm bells over Covid vaccinations were called conspiracy theorists. We were told to “trust the science“. Ok. But can I SEE the science, before I decide to trust it?

Reporter Zachary Steiber explained on X, “Seeing some confusion about this document: It’s a CDC document sent to us in response to a Freedom of Information Act request and is fully redacted.” “The request asked for information about the CDC’s MOVING project. The team has posted several studies, including this one. The CDC plans to submit another paper on updated findings from the project for peer review, a spokesperson told us in January.” The establishment narrative around the COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations and serious health consequences including myocarditis continues to unravel in the face of public scrutiny.

Excited to dive into a new FOIA on the CDC’s long-term study of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination.

— Zachary Stieber (@ZackStieber) March 7, 2024

Recall that Pfizer wanted the side-effects data protected for 75 years. Only a fool would pretend not to know why.

What is the life-expectancy of the average person? Seventy-five years?

This request by Pfizer certainly makes me wonder how many people have been hurt or killed by their experimental Mengelesque “vaccines”.

Millions of Americans question these so-called cures. Particularly in light of new evidence proving that they don’t even work. And now we get Pfizer (the first of many vaccine manufacturers) slow-walking data that likely proves what we already know. Thanks to a lawsuit, Pfizer will have to provide data over 8 months versus what would have taken 75-years.

As I predicted, those who got the shot are now concerned about side-effects. And with reason.

The “cure” was indeed more dangerous than the disease. Much more dangerous.

The summary is as follows:

A small batch of documents released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in mid-November 2021 revealed that in the first three months of the COVID jab rollout, Pfizer received 42,086 adverse event reports that included 1,223 deaths.
The first really large tranche of Pfizer documents — some 10,000 pages — was released by the FDA March 1, 2022. Included are nine pages of recorded side effects, about 158,000 different health problems in all.

So Pfizer, et al knew early on that the shots were dangerous. These numbers are far greater than those needed to shut down these clinical trials. But Biden’s administration cloaked Pfizer and other snake oil manufacturers under  a blanket of immunity.

Those of us who did not get the shot know for a fact that we made the right decision. A decision based on the science of common sense.

Still think you should trust the science of the CDC?

As you consider an answer to that question, remember that the CDC published a BLANK report on the outcome of the vaccine on the heart of taxpaying citizens. A matter of public health, and the organization whose mission is to protect its citizens gives us zero zilch nada.

Don’t expect Team Biden to come to the rescue. Democrats orchestrated this nonsense or they would happily want to get to the bottom of it. The Biden administration plays along like good little puppets, as those vaxxed continue to suffer the consequences.

Par for the covid course. Don’t believe me; just take another look at that data.


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