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People need to fully understand that we live in a distorted world where right is wrong and up is down. And the Left loves play-acting in that world.

In fact, they rule that world.

For example, look at how they depict people struggling to pay their bills due to inflation. The Left sells Bidenflation good for consumers. The Biden administration tells us to enjoy our inability to pay our bills or not have our salaries keep up with inflation. Meanwhile, they use our tax dollars to give billions to fight a useless war in Ukraine.

But it’s not enough that they give our money away in foreign lands, the Left invites invaders to take our money domestically. Citizens of America know that you’re better off being an illegal in this country, thanks to the idiocy of the Left. Both our foreign and domestic slap in the face were caused by Joe Biden, who pays for nothing. In fact, Biden and his family profit from his bad policies, as the Left ignore their crimes.

These represent only two examples of Leftist idiocy. Scary when you consider that if this is the type of lunacy we get in the real world, what will the Leftist-created version of AI reimagine for us in the AI world?

This tweet by the New York Post provides a glimpse into the future. A future where Barack Obama and Joe Biden are hailed as heroes, and Donald Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Today’s cover: ‘Absurdly woke’: Google’s AI chatbot spits out ‘diverse’ images of Founding Fathers, popes, Vikings

— New York Post (@nypost) February 22, 2024

Leftists accuse us on the right of wanting to rewrite history. But Leftists rewrite the present then document it as “history”.

To illustrate my point, understand the reality of the present: Biden is a horrible president. But not to the Left, or so they pretend. So you can bet that the AI that produced that historical nonsense posted above will be programmed by the same people who write Biden’s present.

Google’s AI-powered engine called Gemini depicted George Washington as Black. It did the same for former popes as well. Google gave AI a “black eye”, visually and literally.

The backlash was so bad, Google is retooling Gemini, perhaps allowing the other Yin/Yang Gemini twin a stab at things?

Google is currently fixing its latest AI-powered chatbot after backlash over incorrect depictions of historical and current events.

The issue has arisen with the Gemini artificial intelligence bot, which, when prompted, has delivered ethnically diverse images of historical figures, such as the Founding Fathers. In one instance, they were depicted to be Black when they were white.

When prompted to explain current issues like the Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East, it apparently refused to describe Hamas as a terrorist organization, despite being designated as one by the U.S. and some other international governments

While most Americans (and citizens of the world) see Hamas as a terrorist organization, I forgive Gemini for allowing users to make up their minds. However, when it comes to Founding Fathers for example, they clearly were not Black.

How scary is the prospect of apologist Leftist wackos designing the systems that will run the entire world soon?

A spokesperson for Google told Newsweek:

“We’re already working to address recent issues with Gemini’s image generation feature. While we do this, we’re going to pause the image generation of people and will re-release an improved version soon.”

That can’t happen soon enough. Interestingly, In a prior statement a Google spokesperson mentioned that the tool was “missing the mark”. This statement was quickly followed by a cop-out comment, where Google used diversity as a cover for its blatant historical lies. They alluded that their depictions of a “wide range of people” are “generally a good thing” given its global usage.

The revelation has sparked criticism online.

Mike Wacker, a software engineer with a background at Google who identifies as a Republican, shared on X about his experiments with the AI bot. He discovered that when requesting an image of the Founding Fathers, it generated pictures of a Black woman and a man of Asian origin.

“Can you generate images of the Founding Fathers?” It’s a difficult question for Gemini, Google’s DEI-powered AI tool.

Ironically, asking for more historically accurate images made the results even more historically inaccurate.

— Mike Wacker (@m_wacker) February 21, 2024

Others learned that Google’s Gemini add words like “diverse,” “non-binary,” and Leftist-created lexiconic nonsense terms.

Noted computer scientist Debarghya Das on X, tweeted:

“It’s embarrassingly hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist”

Hysterically, one user noted that Gemini generating images of a 1943 “German Soldier” after he prompted it, resulting in pictures of four German soldiers: one white, and the others from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

I’m sure Google will find that one German as a reason to celebrate. Clearly, Google has an agenda. And the truth is not part of it.


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