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Alvin Bragg brought a bogus case against Donald Trump. And he knows it’s complete BS. But that didn’t stop him from serving the higher-ups.

Because that’s what Leftists do. But now Bragg showed some of his cards.

The NY AG and fathead minion of the Biden administration filed a shocking motion in court. He revealed to Joe Biden-donor Judge Juan Merchan that he wouldn’t object to a 30-day delay in his trial of Donald Trump. That trial date was set to begin on March 25.

Trump’s team requested a 90-day delay and for good reason. The prosecutors at the Southern District of New York finally produced over 30,000 pages of documents requested by the Trump defense lawyers. Thus, a 90-day extension seems reasonable to review all the materials. But why did Bragg okay the delay?

Bragg brought the case. He shouldn’t have needed any delay to prosecute his frivolous case. Yet he appears to use the new information as an excuse.

What could the prosecutors of the SDNY provide in a case that began as a misdemeanor where the statute of limitations expired? And then to have such a case elevated to a felony when there is as in the case of Letitia James, no hurt party?

“The Manhattan district attorney’s office, which accused Mr. Trump of covering up a sex scandal during and after the 2016 presidential campaign, said the delay would give Mr. Trump’s lawyers time to review a new batch of records. The office sought the records more than a year ago, but only recently received them from federal prosecutors, who years ago investigated the hush-money payments at the center of the case,” The New York Times reported.

“In response to the new records — tens of thousands of pages of them — Mr. Trump’s lawyers requested that the trial be delayed 90 days. Although the former president frequently requests such delays, prosecutors consenting to any postponement makes one far more likely,” The Times also reported.

What took so long?

The people out to get Trump have had plenty of time to review documents. The fact that the Trump team is just getting them says either (1) they have nothing, or (2) they fabricated “evidence”.

Why these documents are important 

Politico asked some of the same questions I did:

One mystery was why SDNY didn’t turn over all of these documents when Bragg asked for them in early 2023. Bragg only partially answers that question today. For instance, Bragg says that SDNY only recently obtained five FBI interview memos, so they can’t be blamed for failing to produce them a year ago. A sixth memo was in their possession then but outside the scope of Bragg’s subpoena.

While Bragg says his “review is ongoing,” he says the only materials he’s identified as relevant to the case are 172 pages of notes pertaining to lawyer MICHAEL COHEN’s meetings with special counsel ROBERT MUELLER and “fewer than an estimated 270 documents” from Cohen’s phones. Those records, Bragg claims, are mostly “inculpatory and corroborative of existing evidence” — in other words, bad news for Trump.

These documents will reveal nothing new to help Bragg. And the scenario reminds me of Trump’s former personal lawyer’s supposed bombshells. Each one yielded nothing, and ultimately Cohen ended up in prison.

Bragg brought this case on the legally dubious theory that Donald Trump falsely marked nondisclosure agreement settlement in October 2016 as for legal services. The crux of Bragg’s novel legal theory is that Trump tried to cover up an illegal campaign donation from Cohen.

I remind you that both the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission investigated this matter and determined Trump didn’t commit any campaign finance violation. Candidates can pretty much do whatever they want with their own money, and Trump financed much of his own campaign.

Trump’s team requested these documents – including the 172 pages of witness statements. They contend that these documents will bolster their case, and prove that Bragg invented a crime out of thin air.

Major Problems on the Horizon for Democrats

Democrats’ insanity against Trump and everyone connected to Trump created major problems. Here’s the timeline.

Judge Merchan is set to oversee the trial of Steve Bannon on charges relating to the Build the Wall campaign in May. Thus, any delay in the Trump trial means that trial can’t start until after the Bannon trial.

Trump is winning in all areas of his classified documents case. Judge Aileen Cannon likely won’t put the Mar-a-Lago case on the schedule until after the election. A Trump win will change the complexity of that case significantly.

As for Bragg’s non-case, CNN legal analyst Elie Honig commented:

“I think there’s now for the first time a real question about whether this case gets tried before the November election.”

Even Honig’s timeline is optimistic. Because my bet is with a Trump win, this case gets tossed on Nov 6.

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