The following article, A True Report from the Libertarian National Convention, was first published on The Black Sphere.

I am not now, never have been, never will be a Libertarian. Nevertheless, I was invited to attend their national convention on May 25th at the Washington Hilton hotel.

MSNBC’s Decision 2024 gloated that President Trump was heckled because all his court trials are taking its toll. That’s a lie. I was there. Here’s what really happened.

Angela McArdle, the Californian who’s now head of the Libertarian Party graciously extended an invitation to former President Donald Trump to speak on the day that the delegates chose their party’s presidential candidate.  The honor to speak to this group was graciously accepted by Trump, and thus marked the first time in history that a former or sitting U.S. president had ever accepted their invitation.

Many years ago I met two Libertarians. They were a little different, may I euphemistically say. Nevertheless, someone’s being “different” has never been a problem for me. I had no preconceived notions about them. However, at their convention I met them en masse. As I recount my experiences, intransigent Philistines came to mind.

While in line waiting to go through security check, I engaged a group in–what else?–political discussions. I encountered a bunch of “What’s that?” (such as when I mentioned the term “RINO” meaning Republican In Name Only). Or “Who’s that?”; “When did that happen?”, and so on. Curiously, I wondered how they can know what they stand for in a vacuum, without knowing the context of the political environment?

How can they decide who their opposition is if they are clueless as to what their opposition espouses? This particular group seemed to be poster boys for the uninformed voter.

An Overall View

Once inside the auditorium I noticed that there were no black Libertarians. Not one to draw conclusions, I simply made a mental note.

I listened to many conversations and I spoke with many people, as I strived to find out the Libertarian philosophy. I considered the impregnable prison of some people’s minds

Negativism abounded.

The Libertarian platform and point of pride seemed to be contrarianism. Even the screen on stage read “Welcome Ungovernable”, then later “Become Ungovernable.”

The rank and file at that convention labored under the delusion that all Republicans are enemies and are hellbent on destroying America.

I searched for someone who seemed highly educated and found that my seatmate to my right filled the bill.

I learned that he earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science and had traveled the world in his high-level job and therefore would be open-minded. A delegate from California, he also was coordinator for foreign exchange students from Muslim countries and the Ukraine.

We agreed on so many principles, e.g. contempt for Mitch McConnell; opposition to a big, wasteful government that incurs gargantuan debt; financially supporting proxy foreign wars. He recognized that Communism has infiltrated and indoctrinated many in our government, media, education, churches, and even our military.

A gentleman sitting across the aisle from me, a Republican and former Army officer  who came to hear President Trump confided that he was brokenhearted to have been one of 8,400 forced out of the military by Biden for refusing to take the COVID so-called “vaccine”.

I acknowledged our numerous philosophical points of agreement. Then I gently explained that theirs is a campaign of futility. Their candidate will never ever win because all third parties lack the numbers, the organization, the money, the power.

I asked wouldn’t it be a wise, productive strategy to join the Republican Party? It would guarantee that their valuable voices would be heard.

Joining forces with the real Republicans who are patriots would effectuate our common goal of benefitting America by cleaning out the RINOs, guaranteeing free speech, and returning our country to one that’s respected by our citizens and the world.

I explained that every vote for a Libertarian candidate is a vote taken away from President Trump and therefore constitutes a vote for Biden and the continued destruction of America.

His response? He explained to me what all the other Libertarians I talked to that night said. These numbskulls think that every single Republican is a RINO! Further, he vigorously, inaccurately, and absurdly declared that “Trump is anti-Constitution!”

He reminded me of a similarly ignorant ideologue, an Hispanic evangelical that I met who told me that “Catholics are evil. They’re the ones who killed Jesus Christ.”

As Queen Elizabeth diplomatically remarked about the lies spouted by her dimwitted grandson and his wife, Wallis Simpson on steroids, “Recollections may vary.”  Not to mention that my Libertarian conversation partner’s view flies in the face of historical facts

Uncivilized Behavior On Display

The Libertarians had already embarrassed themselves the night before by shouting down Vivek Ramaswamy and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. This night, they raucously heckled United States Senator Mike Lee.

Some man directly in back of me was repeated yelled, “Come on, Pussy!”, as we were waiting for President Trump to take the stage.

Smiling, I turned around and told him, “You remind me of some of the characters in the movie, ‘Deliverance‘.” I’m not privy as to the reason why he stopped his bellowing. I’m just glad the verbal assault ceased.

As the time for President Trump to appear grew nearer, the crowd indulged itself in increasing rowdiness. A Hispanic lady filming for the press and I looked at each other then commiserated. We voiced our mutual amazement and disgust at the immature, out of control behavior.

The Oasis In The Desert

Attracted by their intelligent faces, civilized demeanor, good grooming, and upscale dress which set them apart from the crowd, I initiated a conversation with 3 black ladies near me. They were not Libertarians but Trump supporters.

“We’re here on vacation,” one of them volunteered. “We didn’t hear about this until just a few minutes ago, and we wanted to hear President Trump speak.”

The second lady said, “We’re so excited!” Nodding eagerly, the third enthused, “This is the highlight of our vacation!”

Show Time

As soon as President Trump took the stage, a man standing to my left in the aisle robotically kept yelling “FUCK YOU!” to President Trump and other contemptible things. I stood up.

“Stop it,” I ordered him.

Grinning deliriously at me, he boasted, “I’m a real redneck!” Standing eye to eye and very close in the packed room enabled me to check out his pupils for signs of being high on drugs and his breath to determine alcohol intoxication. No such excuses. This was his unvarnished self.

“No, you’re not,” I answered. “Real rednecks have common sense and intelligence. You don’t. Plus you’re stupid as well as uneducated. You look like the product of incest. You’re a loser.”

His eyes opened wide in surprise and he backed away. He never yelled another thing the rest of the night.

More Circus

Adding to the spectacle were two Libertarian men in long women’s dresses makeup, and jewelry. They flitted around and hobnobbed with some of their presidential candidates.

Three rows ahead of me was a couple; a male with Texas delegate credentials [pictured, and female appearing to be in their forties. The woman was dressed in a tight orange satin dress with spaghetti straps under which her two white bra straps were showing. I’ve seen hookers more modestly and elegantly dressed.

They were luxuriating, almost orgasmically at their political statement of standing in front of their seats the whole time with their backs to President Trump. Every single thing President Trump said was met with a Saint Vitus dance-like vigorous head shaking “No”, and shouts of “He’s a liar!”

Having had enough of their ignorant antics, I pointed at them and clearly mouthed the words, “You’re white trash.”

The man’s face contorted with rage.

Could there be much difference between Libertarians and the woke thugs–Biden, mainstream media, mainstream social media, and other “useful idiots” of Communism–who are suppressing free speech?

Intolerant people, be they Antifa snowflakes, members of the Third Reich, the CCP, or whoever, cannot tolerate differences of opinion. Extremists the world over at any moment in history are alike. Irrational, intransigent people cannot be reasoned with. Fringe lunatics don’t understand logic and they deny facts. You can just hope that they all practice birth control or else have miscarriages.

Escape From The Insane Asylum

As I was leaving, I found myself in an elevator populated by The Suits: silent, stone-faced Secret Service men. Being the chatty type, I remarked “This is the hotel where President Reagan was shot.” The lead guy answered, “I didn’t know that.”

More out of touch people. I was incredulous that today’s Secret Service could be so unknowledgeable about their own history. Furthermore, with their milquetoast looks and physiques and lack of knowledge they were far from the savvy (and handsome) protection boys I knew when I served on the White House staff.

The Takeaway

I feel as if I’d just come back from another planet.

President Trump is a man of the people and a unifier,  He wants to give everyone a voice. In his speech he promised to appoint Libertarians to his administration. After what I experienced at this convention of hooligans, I’m close to wishing it’s a campaign promise he doesn’t keep.

Yes, President Trump put the Libertarians on the map. It’s a map exposing them as a bunch of Neanderthals living in a fantasy world.


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