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For those who actually voted for Joe Biden, check out your president at his latest fundraiser in Atlanta.

As RNC Research noted, “Biden exists in a state of perpetual confusion”.

Biden exists in a state of perpetual confusion ????

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 18, 2024

Strut around town in these legendary sneakers and showcase the memorable nicknames 45 bestowed upon his political rivals. Slip on these bad boys and suddenly you’ll feel like the golden-maned gladiator who roundhouse-kicked the deep state into oblivion! Let the MAGA power flow from your toes to your tongue, ready to tell Leftists, “Not today, Satan!” Warning: wearing these may lead to spontaneous nickname creation for all the Leftists in your life. Grab a pair TODAY and join the nickname revolution!

Perhaps more interesting is the number of people in attendance.

Do I really need to rub in the fact that Joe Biden can’t draw an audience. The supposed “leader of the free world” garners practically no participants at events. By contrast, his opponent whom Biden fails to recognize by name recently drew over 100,000 people in the blue state of New Jersey.

And while New Jersey was a huge hit, Trump’s rally in the Bronx set off shock waves that knocked Leftists on their asses. Trump put New York in play, as Biden pandered to Blacks who didn’t reciprocate.

Trump is Biden’s biggest problem. But Biden’s second biggest problem is Joe Biden.

Watch the video again, and you can clearly see how Biden looks lost. As one commenter put it, “He’s like a toddler who just noticed that people are watching him.”

Many commenters expressed sadness for the old man. I’ve exhausted sad, since Democrats callously offer 4 more years of Biden to torment us apparently.

But some Leftists see Bien for whom he is. In the video, you might notice skepticism in the crowd. There was one young black man who seemed to question Biden’s fitness, and therefore his potential support of Biden. The young man’s body language gave him away.

Biden ticks.

One person asked, “And why does he always salute nothing, when there is nothing to salute?” Great point. When did he start doing this? I don’t have an answer, but I do know that he’s doing it more often. And given that Biden shakes hands with ghosts, saluting some of them only seems appropriate.

I’m on record saying that Biden won’t make it to the election. He’s faltering much more noticeably. And Democrats are now forced to keep him busy on the campaign trail. We saw that 9 misstatements he made in one speech. That will get progressively worse.

One clever commenter called Biden “Delaware’s official state vegetable”.

I wrote of a Plan B.

I’m confident that Democrats have a Plan B for Biden. It won’t work, but they must have a work-around. Clearly Biden is a wild card. The wildest of wild cards. And the more Democrats cover for him, the worse things get.

Republicans have hinted that more will come from the Biden family corruption. And the next salvo will involve “the big guy”. There is one silver lining.

The one good thing about dementia is that the sufferer many times hasn’t a care in the world. It is those around him or her who deal with the frantic and chaos created by the patient. Watch how Democrats handle Biden, and you know this is what happens routinely.

The Morehouse speech insulted Black America. And if Democrats could be embarrassed, that speech would have them declaring the 25th Amendment on Biden. The problem is Democrats wrote and condoned the speech.

Biden’s pander to students reeks of vote buying.

And what of the lies? Continual lies. Inflation at 9 percent when he took office? Biden says he created the most jobs of any first-term president. Unbelievably, Biden claims Americans are better under him than they were under Trump.

Biden is just being Biden. America should love this. Because he’s working himself out of a job.

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