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In what might shock many, Hunter Biden has been found guilty on all counts. Now the gamesmanship of the Left begins.

Biden stood accused of the following:

[M]aking a false statement during a background check to deceive a federally licensed firearms dealer in Wilmington, Delaware—his father’s home turf (Count 1), making a false statement on a form that the seller kept as the firearm transaction record (Count 2), and illegally possessing the gun over an 11-day period (Count 3).

The jury of six men and six women took only three hours to come to a decision in the trial that lasted six days.

In my opinion, they have little choice in the matter, given that Hunter Biden was obviously guilty. The only considerations were the ramifications of bucking the Biden crime family.

But what happens next? I predicted it would be bad year for Hunter Biden. Actually, all the Bidens.

I call this verdict Step One in “The old man is gone” strategy.

Now is the perfect time for Joe Biden to leave office. With Hunter’s mounting problems, and Joe’s looming legal battles, perhaps abandoning ship bodes best for everybody.

Joe Biden has the built-in excuse that he wants to help his son. And this would allow Step Two of the Democrats’ strategy to happen: President Kamala Harris.

Once sworn in, Harris would undoubtedly pardon Hunter, thus avoiding the awkwardness for Joe. Next, the pardons would fly, as Harris exonerated the entire 2020 coup cabal, and participants in the fake “insurrection” of J6, including that traitorous committee.

With protections in place, Trump would be free to serve his rightful second term. Sadly, he would not have the ability for retribution.

Back to Hunter.

Remember the original gambit by his team, when Hunter was to enter a guilty plea to two misdemeanor tax charges? Also, he would receive no jail time and diversion on the felony gun charge.

The DOJ worked with Hunter Biden’s team to cut this sweetheart deal that thankfully was recognized by an astute judge.

So the fun begins, as the judicial system must weigh the consequences balanced with the court of public opinion. For Black men, this is equivalent to the OJ verdict. What will the Left do to help Hunter get out of a situation brothers go to jail for?

And this is only the beginning for Hunter Biden. The dam has broken, and the other sweetheart deals will soon be examined. Like the multiple LLCs, dozens of bank accounts and suspicious activity reports, and so on.

Unlike Trump who was innocent, Biden is guilty of the gun crime and much more. And now that the veil of invincibility has been lifted expect the other dominoes to begin falling. And that’s why Joe Biden is likely being strongly encouraged to leave.

If he leaves, he might get sympathy, as he did when Special Counsel Hur declared Joe Biden unfit to prosecute. But stay in, and suffer the wrath of the public humiliation coming in November as well as the potential to crush the Democratic Party.

The punishment phase will be bad for the Bidens regardless. And that’s good for America and MAGA.

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