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By now most people have seen the bridge collapse in Baltimore. And quickly the Biden administration called it an accident.

The incident occurred on March 27, an AP reported the incident as a loss of power:

Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after a container ship lost power and rammed into the bridge early Tuesday, sending vehicles plunging into the water. A recovery effort resumed Wednesday, with divers searching for six construction workers who are still unaccounted for.

Some believe this ship’s lost power was actually a cyber attack on the ship. Lara Logan believes this to be the case:

The Left accused Logan of yet another wild conspiracy theory, akin to election denying, J6 denying, climate change denying, Biden is fit denying, and so on.

Funny how these conspiracy theories almost all seem to come true, however.

This particular bridge accident go very little coverage. And this fascinates me, given that it happened a few days after the Baltimore bridge collapse. So for those keeping count, a second barge had an “accident” and lost power then hit a bridge. This incident occurred in Oklahoma.

And what of this under-reported incident where a container ship narrowly missed a bridge in New York?

Zero Hedge reported by still hadn’t confirmed at the time that on April 6, 2024 this incident occurred:

A massive container ship reportedly lost power on the Upper New York Bay – just before the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connecting the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

According to Captain John Konrad, CEO of gCaptain, a New York City tugboat captain informed him that the 354-meter container ship APL QINGDAO “lost power while transiting New York harbor.”

“They had 3 escort tugs but 3 more were needed to bring her under control. They regained power & were brought to anchor near the Verrazano bridge,” the tugboat captain told Konrad.

Zero Hedge

If it turns out this last incident is true, that’s 3 container ships either hitting or narrowly missing bridges.

Is Lara Logan correct? Is the U.S. infrastructure under attack? It’s certainly something Homeland Security should look into, conspiracy theory or not, one would think.

What next? Chinese flying spy balloons across America to get pictures of our critical infrastructure? Well we all know that could never happen, as our military would shoot those types of objects out of the sky before they entered U.S. airspace.

But if the Chinese were to get away with it, they would certainly know where to hit us.



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