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I find it funny that Democrats think Biden is ignoring the warning signs of his imminent (second) loss to Trump– only this Trump win will stick.

Biden isn’t ignoring them; he simply doesn’t understand them. Because talking to Biden is like talking to a 5-year-old. For complicated things like running America, Biden understands nothing.

A few Democrats act as canaries in the coal mine. Among those criticizing Biden’s economic messaging has been David Axelrod. Understand that Axelrod was Bidens ally from his days as vice president in the Obama administration. However, in multiple interviews Axelrod has warned Biden. Most recently, during an interview with Bulwark editor-at-large Bill Kristol last week, the political consultant said that Biden’s economic message “drives [him] crazy.” Axelrod then urged Biden to adopt one that is more empathetic with the struggles of the working class, while still touting his economic accomplishments.

Truth be told, Biden’s “economic accomplishments” showcase data manipulation. Pure fantasy. Because in reality, his accomplishments don’t exist.

Axelrod lamented Biden’s strategy based on remarks came Biden gave on NBC’s Today.

Biden was asked by Al Roker about people’s concerns that their economic prospects are dwindling. Biden ignored the question, and replied “I would tell [them] we’ve got the strongest economy in the world.”

What’s does comparing America’s economy to that of other countries have to do with the question? Americans are suffering, and Biden remains obtuse.

Axelrod commented on Biden’s response,

“That is the wrong strategy. The right strategy is to say, ‘Look, we’ve made a lot of progress from the day I walked in the door as a country and I’m proud of our country for fighting through this pandemic and getting her back to where we’ve got this much employment. But the fact is, the way people experience this economy is the way I did when I was growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. How much did you pay for the groceries? How do you afford the gas, [and] the rent? And these continue to be a problem and I’m fighting that fight’…So I think he needs to put himself on the side of working people in their economic fight here.”

Honestly, that won’t work either. But at least Axelrod’s response recognizes that Biden f’d up.

Biden pretends that he had been a ray of sunshine, as he tries to throw shade on Trump’s accomplishments. But Americans remember “the good ol’ Trump days”. And that’s a problem for Biden and all Democrats for that matter.

As you get more propaganda about Biden “closing the gap” or other such nonsense, understand that many Democrats quietly believe as Axelrod does. Democrats have many canaries in the coal mine. Behind the scenes many Democrats fear Biden’s re-selection strategy.

Democrats held their big fundraiser, and Trump quickly eclipsed their fundraising number. Trump raised so much money, it put the fear of God into Democrats.

Coming on the heels of Joe Biden’s fundraiser where Democrats bragged of raising $26 million and setting a record for one-day fundraising. Trump said appropriately, “Hold my Rolex!” Then he raised a whopping $50.5 million.

As CNN wrote:

Donald Trump’s campaign said it raised $50.5 million at a Saturday fundraiser in Florida, a staggering sum as the former president’s political operation scrambles to close its big financial gap with President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

The haul announced by the campaign and top officials with the Republican National Committee far eclipses the $26 million that Biden reported collecting recently at a star-studded gathering in New York City that featured former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The Trump total from the “Inaugural Leadership Dinner” at the Palm Beach, Florida, home of billionaire investor John Paulson sets a record for a single fundraising event.

But there are many other indicators that Biden will be a one-term resident. As I wrote not that long ago, Biden can ignore the economy at his own peril.

All the moves being made by the Left prove that they care little about Average Joe American. From the border invasion to the massive funding of a country most Americans couldn’t pronounce a few years ago, Democrats show their true loyalty.

The economy is reeling, screaming “Mercy!”, and Biden ignores all the signs. The economy will vote this year, and not amount of bot votes will silence her.

As the holiday shopping season approaches during this election year, the economy looms large. And that’s not good news for Biden or the Democrats.

American needs no warning from Leftists about Biden. We know the outcome in November. Because in November of 2024 we will get the result we actually got in 2020.


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