Well, they were. But the people pushing The 1619 Project sponsored by The New York Times, wish to rewrite American history. They wish to hide the truth of their project from the American public.

Further, The 1619 Project attempts to demoralize Americans with its claim that our country began in 1619, the year in which supposedly the first slaves landed on the shores of what would become America in 1776.

In our project to expose The 1619 Project, SEE illuminates “1619’s Dirty Secrets”.

Ironically, the first slave owner in America,

namely Anthony Johnson, was a black man.

This video is a Prager U-like teaser for a longer production about the “Father of Slavery” in America.

A longer version of this production will showcase more of this very interesting story.

Our videos will highlight the REAL history behind the 1619 movement. They are meant to give people who believe in the America founded in 1776 ammunition to challenge the false notion behind the 1619 movement.

As alluded earlier, SEE’s goal is to produce videos akin to Prager U, as we call our project internally SEE-U. We wish to “modernize” history, while making the social justice movement take pause when attempting to bastardize history.

The president recognizes the vile nature of The 1619 Project. He recently commented on defunding schools who teach this.
He will certainly be bolstered by our project.

The 1619 Project sponsored by the New York Times propagates the lies of Black Lives Matter. We believe this project and others SEE has identified to push back against the social justice agenda are CRUCIAL!
So if some in this country want to discuss The 1619 Project, SEE agrees:


Let’s discuss 1619’s Dirty Secrets.

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