Who is Kevin Jackson?

Dynamic speaker, author, radio host, Kevin Jackson is one of the hardest working people on the political scene.

A nationally recognized star among conservative thinkers, writers, and political commentators. Kevin is a Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, Kevin is a highly sought-after speaker who offers a rare blend of intellect and humor.

The Black Sphere

News, Politics, Commentary, Snark. The Black Sphere combines the latest news with Kevin’s unique point of view.
He writes new stories daily.

The Kevin Jackson Show

Kevin’s radio talk show. Available in both terrestrial and podcast form, Kevin integrates humor and satire while analyzing Americas hottest political issues.

Unhyphenated America

Leftist Politicians spend billions of our tax dollars trying to divide us, put us in boxes, then daring us to try to escape. Unhyphenated America is working to unite us again.

Seeking Educational Excellence

Seeking Educational Excellence (SEE) is an organization committed to ending identity politics and the social justice agenda in schools.

Bleeding Blue

Bleeding Blue is the movie Hollywood refuses to make. The film investigates the ongoing narrative that our police are blood-thirsty villains patrolling our communities with the purpose of exacting an almost vigilante justice against minorities.

Kev Talks

Get some of Kevin’s wit and educate yourself! Kev Talks explores a different subject every episode and drives it home.