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Segregation is being created again,
by design with intent.
When a law, like the vaccine mandate, does not apply to the lawmakers you’re not being governed, you’re being ruled.

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to End the “New” Segregation


These articles reveal the “new” segregation of today, who’s creating it, and the agenda behind this ugly plot.

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to End the “New” Segregation

Dems PANIC as BLM Joins Anti-Vax Movement

Blacks have almost always supported Democrats in their devious causes. However, there appears to be “blacklash” against the Orwellian mandates of Team Demento. Surprisingly, BLM is pushing back against vax and other mandates. And how will Democrats deal with their...

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Forced Vaccinations: New Democrat Racism Against Blacks

Some businesses in my area have signs posted, “If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask.” At this point, businesses have no way of knowing the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. But what if people or businesses did have a way to know, as they did in the racial...

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For the first time in history governments, companies, and airlines are attempting to MANDATE a vaccine. It’s a strange mandate given the science; humans have less than a 1% chance of death from Covid-19. People should have a right to choose the vaccine or their God-given immunity.

The first politicized experimental vaccine is causing a “new” form of discrimination. Everyone should be able to dine out, shop in stores, and go to their workplace WITHOUT being asked about their vaccine status; this violates HIPPA compliance and human rights. 

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The Tuskegee Experiment

A government study where black people were targeted and experimented on…

The KKK and
Jim Crow Laws

One horrifying group. One set of laws that made racial segregation legal. Is it happening again via BLM and vaccine mandates?

Oppressed Blacks Became Leaders

Rosa Parks, Ida B. Wells, Isaiah Montgomery, and Charlotte Hawkins Brown

From Kevin Jackson

A new dividing line has been drawn in America. And like in times past, it is Democrats who create the rift.

You wouldn’t know it from Leftist Democrats, but America has overcome much in her relatively short existence. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and much more are practically non-existent. However, according to Democrats these issues remain front and center. The reason why is simple: Democrats keep these issues front and center.

The demise of the MeToo movement, BLM, and others like them are equally simple: Americans have grown weary of being called things they are not. More specifically, Conservative, freedom-loving Americans. We are tired of the false characterizations.

Leftists realize that their cries of woe go unnoticed. Thus, they have shifted their wickedness to a new dividing line: vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

The new unwanted group in America are the unvaxxed. This group must face the ire of Democrats and other Leftists, as unvaccinated Americans fight for their rights. Ironically, when the Left wants to rationalize killing the unborn…

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If you don’t spread the words on this page, make no mistake, the Leftists will steal ALL of our freedoms within a decade or less. Keep America free and eradicate segregation forever.


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