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If Joe Biden weren’t a Democrat, Congress would have rightly invoked the 25th Amendment and he would be gone. America is in danger as long as Biden stays in the Oval Office.

Yet, conspirators want him back in office for another 4 years. My mind can’t conceive the damage that would be done if Biden got 4 more years. And as we’ve known from the start of his tenure, Biden isn’t really in charge.

Biden has made famous the phrase, “Am I allowed to take any questions?” He says it, and many people think he’s joking. But he’s not.

In the video below, Biden asks this question seriously. Or as he would say, “No joke.” Because he’s been instructed not to take extraneous questions. That’s how he gets into trouble.

So he says, “Anyway…” which generally signals that Biden’s has gotten off topic. Then he asks if he can take questions. There is a pause, and Biden continues, “Anybody here on staff…”, as he looks for the handler who can authorize him to take questions. Somebody can be heard saying, “Who can stop you?”, implying that he’s the President of the United States so he can do what he wants.

Next, they cut the feed.

BIDEN: “Am I allowed to take any questions? Anybody here?”

Biden’s handlers IMMEDIATELY kick the press out of the room and end the feed.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 11, 2024

Watch Biden in this video where he appears to have ditched his handlers.

Old Joe forgot his umbrella, so he walks with his hand out for quite some time towards two gentlemen who seem are trying to get him to get out of the rain.

You may feel these are trite observances on my part. And if Biden weren’t showing obvious mental incompetence, I would agree. But under the circumstances, they reinforce what most of America accepts as gospel.

After Biden ducks under the umbrella, he has a few words with his new protector. Then he’s asked a question about Chuck Schumer. At around the 0:16 mark, Biden shows confusion about where to go.

Notice how he is “led” into the building. He’s not told, “We’re going in here.” He’s physically being led by the shoulders into the building like a retarded child.

HARD TO WATCH – Confused Biden wanders off in the rain, gets rescued by handlers, is almost knocked out by a door.

— The First (@TheFirstonTV) March 16, 2024

I discussed this next video the other day on my radio show. Yet again, Biden’s handlers prevent him from going off script and in a most embarrassing way.

This event occurred last week at an event in Michigan. When Biden finishes glad-handing, he turned to field questions. At the exact point where Biden could showcase that amazing dementia, three white chicks swoop in to stop the potential carnage.

In the video, Biden is heard asking “Can I take a couple questions?”. Note the woman wearing a Biden-Harris campaign jacket also says “We’re going to take a few questions.” That’s the moment when the Biden Triage Team intervenes.

BIDEN: “Can I take a couple questions?”

His handlers IMMEDIATELY remove the press.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 14, 2024

Rumors are that Biden actually wants to appear more in public. But one can easily see why Biden handlers scoff at the idea. Less is more, when it comes to Biden appearing in public. He is a powder keg ready to explode at any moment. I wrote recently about the Biden propagandists:

Joe Biden is the picture of health. At least that’s what his Leftist handlers want Americans to believe about the faux president.

The reason Democrats attempt this Kabuki theater with Biden involves his many missteps on, well…steps. Or stairs, if you prefer.

You likely seen at least one of the many videos of Biden tripping, mostly on stairs. However, Biden trips on chords, sandbags, and invisible items as well. In fact, Biden trips so much, that Leftists tried remaking Biden.

Democrats now feature Biden’s youth and vitality. Ironically, Leftist Democrats pretend that an 80-year-old buffoon represents the picture of health.

I suggest you visit the website to read more on this and see the video.

How does Trump do it?

Well first, Trump doesn’t hide. Can you imagine Joe Biden trying to accomplish Trump’s schedule? Rallies all over the country, while fighting the corrupt Biden machine. Trump confronts all the naysayers and Leftist nonsense. And he wins.

Despite the rumor that Biden wants to be out front more, I’m not buying it. I wrote this of Biden and Trump not that long ago. It was titled: “Biden angry about allegations of bad health”

Joe Biden hides out a lot. Perhaps his campaign limits his appearances to curb his appetite for creeping up behind women to rub their shoulders and smell their hair.

Whatever the reason, his limited appearances don’t make him look good. That, and the fact that he wears more makeup than a drag queen.

So why not question his health?

Biden is 76 years old. One would be crazy not to bring up Biden’s health. And it’s not like the guy is the picture of health anyway, as he walks around like he has a stick shoved up his rectum.

Contrast Biden with President Trump. Frankly, Trump can outwork a 20-year-old, though that means little these days with the “laziest generation.” But you get my meaning. If one didn’t know Donald Trump was in his 70s, they might guess he’s in his 50s.

Regardless of age, nobody outworks Donald Trump. An entire media establishment builds their front pages based on what Trump is doing almost moment to moment.

And what of Trump’s utter destruction of the Democrat apparatchik?

Biden is in bad health. And Trump is not. Yes America, it’s really that simple.

The notion that the media can’t hide Biden’s open secret infuriates Der Fuhrer.

Too bad Biden has a track record now. That’s not going to help his cause.



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