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In case you need a respite from the butt-kicking of life under Joe Biden, Joe Biden rides to the rescue. According to Biden and his media minions, America is “safer and more prosperous” under his rule.

Yes, Der Fuhrer issued an edict: you will admit that you are better off or you will die. In other words, accept the lies. And Team Biden does what it does best. Lies.

Biden lies about everything, and he’s created an ecosystem of liars. Biden’s team lied lied about the 2020 Presidential Election, and then they tried to cover their lie with J6 nonsense.

They lie on weather, calling it climate change, then milking taxpayers for billions. And what about the support of Ukraine. Lies built to cover up the corruption between the Biden family and that crooked government.

Biden’s lies have consequences. Especially his current lie about crime.

Before I go into the numbers, I would ask you, “Do you feel that America is safer under Biden?”

I offer nothing official, but I feel confident that the majority of Americans believe crime has worsened under Biden.

NYC residents certainly don’t think there is less crime. That was reflected in the results of a new poll, reported on by the NY Post.

Only 30% said they were happy with the quality of life in the city, the poll – run by The Citizens Budget Commission – also revealed. Additionally, the poll also found merely 37% of New Yorkers now rate public safety in their local area as excellent or good. This marks a significant decline from six years prior, when 50% of residents felt positively about their neighborhood’s safety.

Queens Councilman Robert Holden said to the Post

“People are fed up with the quality of life. There’s a general sense of lawlessness. You go into the CVS and there’s shoplifting. People’s cars get vandalized.”

The survey of 6,600 households revealed half feel unsafe using the subway by day, a stark drop from 2017. It also highlighted significant declines in satisfaction with public education, government services, and cleanliness.

Dissatisfaction grew regarding traffic, safety for cyclists and pedestrians, and subway services. Higher income Manhattan residents and white individuals reported higher satisfaction with city life, although overall contentment with life quality in NYC fell. Yet, 50% were pleased with their neighborhood quality. This dissatisfaction coincides with rising major crime rates from 2017 to 2023, per NYPD data.

Tom Grech, the president and CEO of Queens Chamber of Commerce simply added: “In general, it’s pretty ugly out there. There’s a free for all mentality over there the last couple of years. There’s a little sense of things spiraling out of control. We’ve got to get back to basics.”

So what people are experiencing the crime wave, when you have Joe Biden to provide bogus statistics that the media actually uses?

Watch MSNBC’s Chris Hayes present Biden’s crime stats with all the believability of Tommy Flanagan:

.@chrislhayes on new FBI data showing a massive drop in U.S. crime:

“It is indisputable that the country is getting both safer and more prosperous in the last four years under President Biden.”

— All In with Chris Hayes (@allinwithchris) March 22, 2024

Hayes said that under Biden, America had the largest one year decline in murder ever recorded. Indisputable. Thus, Safer and more prosperous under Biden.

As Tommy Flanagan would say, “Yea…that’s the ticket!”

I like how Hayes sneaked in “more prosperous”, while discussing safety. “More prosperous” continues the lie that inflation is good for Americans.

Going back to the discussion of crime, I read this from another source:

Overall violent crime levels have done even better — they’re now down to levels last seen in the mid-1960s. Yet much of the public still thinks the U.S. is in the midst of a crime wave.

There goes that pesky public again. Believing reality over manipulated data.

Crime in the US fell significantly in 2023, according to new FBI data, with a 13% decline in murder and drops in reported violent crime and reported property offenses.

Both robbery and aggravated assault dropped by 5% from 2022, the FBI data shows, while all violent crime declined by 6%.

However, the statistics are based on figures collected from only 79% of law enforcement agencies in the US. Experts have previously warned that data can be “patchy” given inconsistency in reporting by the local agencies who supply the numbers. And the new stats are unaudited as the FBI is not scheduled to release its official figures and analysis concerning crime in 2023 until this upcoming October.


The figures released on Tuesday are based on data collected from 15,199 of 19,152 law enforcement agencies, the FBI said.

Experts previously told the Guardian that the FBI’s findings should be viewed with caution given the incomplete information.

Why issues a “patchy” report? Because the FBI and media know that when they release the real numbers later that show there was no drop in violent crime, few will remember the lie.

The obviously erroneous numbers represent a campaign ploy by Biden. He wants to be known as the man who wiped out crime. You know. Like he saved us from Covid and simultaneously cured cancer.

The LA Times reinforces public perception:

The public perception is very different. Gallup, for example, has surveyed Americans every fall for years about crime. Last year’s survey found that by 56%-28%, Americans said crime had increased in their area.

I have seen first-hand the escalation of crime in the suburb where I live. The Gilbert Goons have been in the news for weeks, and there is much more happening in an area deemed, “the safest city in Arizona”.

Crime is a major problem, and it’s escalating. But leave it to Biden to try to soft-shoe things, instead of really addressing the problem.

Thankfully, Trump will soon be back to actually start solving problems again and not manipulating statistics.


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