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This interview should go in the annals of Republican history. Talk about giving a clinic in how to handle the press.

I didn’t seen the entire interview between ABC’s Jonathan Karl and Senator Marco Rubio. But I saw it described as “fairly cordial and even-keeled.” A potential for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was discussed. And Rubio noted that such a situation could occur immediately if Hamas would simply surrender.

Their discussion then turned to a recent rumor that former President Donald Trump may be eyeing Rubio as a potential running mate. As you view the video, note the disdain in which Karl presents the question of Rubio as a running mate for Donald Trump. As if the mere suggestion of it should send Rubio running for the hills.

Sen. Marco Rubio says anyone would be “honored” to serve as VP, but tells @JonKarl that he has not spoken with former Pres. Trump about being his running mate.

“That’s the decision he’s going to make. He has plenty of really good people to pick from.”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) March 24, 2024

From their exchange:

KARL: I want to turn to politics — there was some reporting this week that you are possibly under consideration to be Donald Trump’s running mate. I don’t put a lot of stock in this reporting right now — we’re early. But you said it would be an honor to be offered a spot on this ticket — really?!

I will give ABC credit for showing this public sodomy of Karl. I just hope he was given counseling in the aftermath of Rubio saying, “Excuse me while I whip this out!”

After the obvious setup whereby Karl meant to embarrass Rubio for considering accepting a VP slot, Rubio lit into his arse.

RUBIO: Yeah. I think anyone who’s offered the opportunity to serve this country as vice president should be honored by the opportunity to do it — if you’re in public service. I’m in the Senate because I want to serve the country. Being vice president is an important way to serve the country. But I’ve also been clear: I’ve never talked to Donald Trump — I’ve never talked to anybody on his team or family or inner circle — about vice president. That’s a decision he’s going to make. He has plenty of really good people to pick from.

I love that Rubio added that last part about there being “plenty of really good people to pick from”. As opposed to the Democrats who don’t even have a good group to pick from for president, including the current puppet.

But this only began Karl’s troubles. He kept getting snake bit by Rubio.

In the next exchange, Karl implied that Trump throws his VPs under the bus, with the insane J6 “insurrection” nonsense. To his credit, Rubio blew by this insinuation, and praised Trump.

RUBIO: I will tell you this — that, when Donald Trump was president of the United States, this country was safer; it was more prosperous; we had relations, for example, in a part of the world that I care about called the Western Hemisphere that were very strong — we got a lot of good things done there. I think the country — and the world — was a better place when he was president. And I would love to see him return to the White House in comparison to the guy who’s there now, Joe Biden, who’s been a disaster…economically.

Look at the world. Every single day, we wake to a new crisis, to a new conflict, everything has gone on fire. Since the time Joe Biden took over, Afghanistan’s gone down, Ukraine has been invaded. Now, the Philippines and the Chinese are on the verge of something bad happening every single day, not to mention the threats to Taiwan. We have this blow-up in Haiti going on in our very own hemisphere. We wake up every single day — terrorist attacks and nine million people across the border. That’s what matters to me.

Un-equivocating support of Donald Trump compounded with the brutalizing of Joe Biden. Be still my heart!

In that entire exchange Rubio didn’t even mention Bidenflation or other domestic issues, of which there are many. That shows you how many problems Democrats face.

Still, Karl isn’t through putting his foot in his mouth, as he asks:

KARL: But, I mean, you’re not suggesting that’s all happening because of Biden? I mean, look —

RUBIO: Absolutely I am — absolutely I’m suggesting it’s happening because of Biden. He’s president, and his weakness and his —

KARL: It’s because of Biden that Russia invaded Ukraine?

RUBIO: Absolutely.

KARL: It’s because of Biden that, that Haiti. Okay, let’s —

Karl cut himself off with the Haiti thought, as he knew that rabbit hole would reveal a snake. Ukraine and Haiti didn’t happen on Trump’s watch.

He tried to shift gears. But Rubio executed “ground and pound”:

RUBIO: Absolutely. I mean, Putin is sitting there saying, ‘These guys can’t even stand up to the Taliban, and they have to fly people hanging off the wings of these airplanes — now’s the time to go.’ And —

KARL: I mean, Trump’s the one saying, suggesting that there should be a deal that effectively gives Putin what he wants in Ukraine. But look…can we take a quick —

And my favorite part of the exchange is when Rubio “fact-checks” Karl, live:

RUBIO: Well, that’s not true. He’s said he wants the conflict to end — which, it’s striking to me that people…why wouldn’t people want peace? What I’ve said is there is going to be a negotiated — Russia’s not going to take all of Ukraine. And Ukraine’s not going to push Russia back to where it was in 2014. I want Ukraine to have the upper hand in any negotiation.

Folks, that is the way you handle Leftists. Full frontal assault, and with shock and awe. And this is how Marco Rubio went from “Little Marco” to likely being selected as Trump’s VP.





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