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If Joe Biden and Barack Obama had a baby, it would be Sean “Diddy” Combs. What a vile human being and worthy of all the accolades Democrats have thrust upon him.

I was shocked to learn all that I have about Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs. This man is the Black Jeffrey Epstein. On steroids.

As Sandra Arant tweeted:

Diddy was allegedly running a honeypot blackmail operation just like Epstein and guess who was giving “legitimacy” to his operation.

Prince Harry.

The lawsuit alleges that Sean Combs has recordings of celebrities, music label executives, politicians, and athletes…

Diddy was allegedly running a honeypot blackmail operation just like Epstein and guess who was giving “legitimacy” to his operation.

Prince Harry.

The lawsuit alleges that Sean Combs has recordings of celebrities, music label executives, politicians, and athletes in compromisin

— Sandra Arant (@SandraLundy17) March 27, 2024

Also, Diddy supports Democrats.

in 2020, Diddy made it clear that he supported Biden. In fact, he said that Trump would be really bad for America. He alludes that Trump kills Blacks.

“We’re on the verge of a race war… White men like Trump need to be banished.”

P ‘Diddy’ Combs backed Biden in 2020. He’s long been a mouthpiece for powerful elites & radical Democrats.

What did Combs do to get his homes raided for human trafficking?

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) March 26, 2024

That was then, but what about now?

The parallels are uncanny to that of Epstein. Diddy got away with crimes for decades. Here are just a few examples posted by NPR.


According to a November 2023 lawsuit, Combs and the R&B singer Aaron Hall allegedly sexually assault an unnamed victim and a friend after a music industry event, then beat her several days later when confronted.


According to a November 2023 lawsuit, Combs allegedly drugs, sexually assaults and videotapes 19-year-old Joi Dickerson, after going on a date with him.


Combs is found guilty of criminal mischief for threatening a photographer from the New York Post with a gun.


Combs starts throwing his annual Hamptons all-white parties that come to be known as so lavish and exclusive, he earns the rep of being a “modern-day Gatsby.” Guests range from music industry execs and artists to actors, real estate moguls and sports team owners.

April 16, 1999

Combs is arrested and charged with two felonies — second-degree assault and criminal mischief — in the beating of record executive Steve Stoute, who says Combs and two bodyguards beat him with their fists, a telephone, a champagne bottle and a chair. When Combs publicly apologizes, Stoute asks for the charges to be dismissed. (Combs reportedly pays Stoute $500,000.) The assault charge is dropped, Combs pleads guilty to the lesser charge of harassment, and he is sentenced to one day of anger management classes.

Dec. 27, 1999

Combs, along with then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and rapper Shyne, are arrested in relation to a shooting at Club New York. Combs is charged for weapons violations but is ultimately acquitted.

March 26, 2001

In a lawsuit, local TV host Roger Mills sues Combs, accusing him of assault, false imprisonment, destruction of property, intentional infliction of emotional distress and a civil conspiracy, in an exchange where Combs’ entourage roughed him up and destroyed his camera. “As we have yet to be served with this complaint, we are unable to comment on specific allegations,” a Combs spokesperson said in a statement. “However, any claim that Mr. Combs participated in any wrongdoing is totally false. Furthermore, facilitating the press with this baseless complaint is a blatant attempt to exploit Mr. Combs’ celebrity for media attention.” A jury finds in favor of Combs in 2004.


According to a December 2023 lawsuit, Combs, his former Bad Boy Records president, Harve Pierre, and a third unidentified man allegedly gangrape an unnamed 17-year-old victim at a Manhattan recording studio.


Combs and the singer Cassie Ventura meet for the first time and Combs expresses interest in wanting to sign her to his label. Ventura is 19 years old and Combs is 37.

February 2006

Ventura signed a 10-album deal with Bad Boy Entertainment. Her debut single “Me & U” is released and her self-titled album drops the same year. According to a November 2023 lawsuit, Combs’ “vicious cycle of abuse” begins here.

Ventura alleges years of physical, psychological and emotional abuse. She claims Combs forced her to purchase and take illegal drugs like cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy; that he filmed her as he forced her to participate in sex with male sex workers in multiple cities for his own voyeuristic pleasure in a practice he called “freak offs”; and that he beat her on many occasions in retaliation for talking to other men, often with witnesses present.

Oct. 24, 2007

Combs becomes a marketing ambassador and stakeholder in Ciroc Vodka by beverage maker Diageo. Sales of the vodka skyrocket and Combs becomes synonymous with the brand.

March 6, 2007

In a lawsuit, Gerard Rechnitzer alleges that Combs punched him, pushed his girlfriend and tried to spit on another woman outside Teddy’s nightclub at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. In a statement, Combs’ attorney, Benjamin Brafman, says, “It’s just another example of an opportunist seeking to fabricate a lawsuit based on a flat-out lie to try to take advantage of Mr. Combs’ celebrity status.” The case is settled out of court in March 2008, the terms undisclosed.

May 11, 2007

In a complaint to the police, Combs’ Making the Band co-star Laurieann Gibson alleges that he threatened her with a chair while New Edition’s Michael Bivins held her in place. Combs’ attorney, Brafman, claims Gibson overreacted to theatrics performed for the cameras. (Sources claimed to The New York Daily News that he yelled for the cameras to be turned off.) “This is just another example of a false accusation by someone trying to take advantage of Sean’s success and celebrity status,” Brafman says.

Another break from the law. But do you think Diddy got better?


In the November 2023 suit, Ventura claims all aspects of her life were “controlled by either Mr. Combs or his management companies.” She claims he paid for her apartment and all living expenses and that he had access to her medical records: “For instance, when Ms. Ventura began experiencing memory loss — potentially due to excessive drug use and/or head injuries caused by Mr. Combs’s beatings, as described below — her MRI results were provided directly to Mr. Combs. Mr. Combs also repeatedly arranged for his staff to drive Ms. Ventura to certain doctors’ appointments. In this way, Mr. Combs exerted ownership over Ms. Ventura.”

February 2012

In the November 2023 suit, Ventura alleges that Combs said he was going to blow up the car of rapper Kid Cudi, whom Ventura was dating at the time, “and that he wanted to ensure that Kid Cudi was home with his friends when it happened. Around that time, Kid Cudi’s car exploded in his driveway.”

Kid Cudi, in a statement to The New York Times, corroborated the account.

September 2018

After multiple attempts to sever ties with Combs, Ventura says she met with him to have dinner and believed it was to talk of concluding her Bad Boy contract and “have a discussion about concluding their relationship for good.” But after the dinner, Ventura alleged he forced himself into her apartment and forcibly raped her.

From her November 2023 suit: “Soon thereafter, Ms. Ventura took steps to completely separate herself from her long-time abuser, including by leaving the home that he paid for and returning the car he purchased for her.”

June 26, 2022

Combs receives a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022 BET Awards and performs a medley of his hits with special guest stars during the awards ceremony.

Oct. 28, 2022

Forbes reports that Combs is a certified billionaire thanks to his deals with Diageo, Revolt TV and music business ventures.

2022 – 2023

In a February 2024 lawsuit, producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, a former producer of Combs who worked with him on his latest release, The Love Album: Off the Grid, alleges that the music mogul groped him repeatedly and during the duration of making the album, Combs forced Jones to solicit sex workers, take illegal drugs and more.

The suit names others close to Combs, including Combs’ son, Justin Dior Combs, and high-ranking members of Motown Records and Universal Music Group, as co-defendants.

Sept. 15, 2023

Combs receives a key to the city from New York Mayor Eric Adams.

This criminal received a lifetime achievement award from BET and a key to the city for New York.

The man was idolized and many Leftists attended his “all-white” parties without complaint. And now those same people who watched and encouraged his “bad boy” image will just move along with their lives.

They basked in the glow of a rapist and much worse. How many lives did this man wreck? Dozens? Hundreds? But you can bet Leftists lined up to work with him, party with him, and befriend him.

Compared to the real power brokers who allowed him to exist, Diddy is a little fish. That’s why he could be plucked from the aquarium. Sushi for the elites.

I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. I only wish we could truly shed light on him, and his victims would get a shot at comeuppance.



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