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In clearly a desperation move, Joe Biden has called in his secret weapons to help his campaign: America’s first two Black presidents.

Black voters declared Bill Clinton, the white man who can play the sax and likes chubby white interns, as Black during his presidency. This made Clinton the technical first Black president. Though most people consider Clinton a political relic with too much baggage to enlist for support, Joe Biden needs the help.

As for the second Black president, who technically still is not the first Black president given that he’s half white, what does he bring?

At the end of Obama’s presidency, world leaders weren’t even taking his phone calls. I will never forget a speech he gave at a UN conference, where people ignored him. Then at the end of his speech, one lone man clapped.

The man who could garner thousands of adoring supporters, reduced to being a political street prostitute joins a serial rapist to form the rescue team for Joe “You ain’t Black” Biden.

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton will suspend their active retirements to try to provide a political jolt to the campaign of their successor Joe Biden with a rare joint appearance for a campaign fundraiser in New York.

— NBC News (@NBCNews) March 28, 2024

According to NBC News, the dynamic Black duo will leave “active retirement”. Because Joe Biden needs saving from himself.

On Thursday, both former presidents — now 77 and 62 years old, respectively — will suspend their active retirements to try to provide a political jolt to the campaign of their successor Joe Biden, 81, with a rare joint appearance for a campaign fundraiser in New York.

The rare and highly anticipated gathering of three Democratic presidents will raise over $25 million, according to a release by the Biden campaign, which is characterizing it as the most successful political fundraiser in American history.

But it also may serve to highlight Biden’s main vulnerability this year, one that his campaign has increasingly taken steps to overcome.

All the money in the world can’t save Joe Biden.

I’ve said publicly on my radio show that no Democrat can defeat a good Republican candidate in a fair election. People have tired not only of Joe Biden, but also of Democrats and Leftists in general.

How much crazy can one take?

Scandals on top of scandals inside of other scandals is what Democrats deliver. Hunter Biden walks free on crimes for which many people go to prison. Most recently Peter Navarro was arrested for contempt of Congress, and Hunter did the same thing and he’s free. And what of the crimes he documented himself on himself?

Joe Biden runs the family’s organization. Nobody doubts this, but Democrats yell, “PROVE IT!”, while ignoring or obscuring actual evidence.

I’m anxious to see how Obama and Clinton handle Biden’s multitude of problems, particularly the invasion.

Illegals being invited to invade America, then given more support than taxpaying citizens. And at a time when the nation is on its knees being force to service China in Biden’s political porno.

Who really wants four more years of Biden?

To want Biden as president again is the worst kind of masochism. Four more years of Bidenflation, wars, data manipulation, media lies, anti-Semitism, and hatred of America?

Using the two Black former presidents is a publicity stunt. They can’t help Biden with any particular demographic, including Black people. Black Democrat voters know that Obama and Clinton are Democrats, yet Biden leaks Black voters like a busted dam. He may preside over the largest turn of the Black vote since Eisenhower.

And Biden loses the Black vote for good reason. He and Democrats abandoned Blacks decades ago.

Black people finally have realized the damage done by Democrats. But they wouldn’t switch for just any reason. They are flipping because of Trump.

Trump’s famous quip, “What do you have to lose?” resonates within a Black community in triage because of Biden. Black businesses suffered under Biden. Further, Black workers took the brunt of his policies.

Next, Black families were hit the hardest by Bidenomics.

Neither Clinton nor Obama can change these dynamics. They are merely for show, photo-ops. And everybody putting his or her butt on the line for Biden will soon get a real surprise; it won’t be good.

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