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As if Biden needed another reason to sit this one out, he decided to visit a state he supposedly won in 2020. You have to see this to believe it.

I know we’ve discussed Trump’s popularity, and shown rallies that Leftists try to dismiss. But they dismiss these, because by not doing so requires them to face reality.

Take a look at the pictures from Biden’s visit to Arizona. The orchestration for such a visit should be balanced with results. And clearly Joe Biden could have done this trip with a Crexendo call.

First, look at the venue where they help Biden’s outreach to the Latino community. This restaurant can’t hold 100 people.

Yes, El Portal is where they held this “rally”. Look at the size of this place and imagine what it would look like if Trump held a rally here.

You couldn’t drive anywhere near the joint. And there would have been lines of people welcoming the former president. Look at this sign-up table for Team Biden:

The table indicates the importance of this event, as it contains nothing. No handouts, no sign-up sheets.

And what of that massive Biden crowd made up of many of his 81 million voters from 2020? Here are a couple of pictures that show the size of the event.

Clearly Joe Biden picked up, what…two dozen Latino votes at this event.

And if things couldn’t get any worse for the old fool, watch as he abruptly walks off stage:

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The awkward moment in Phoenix came as Biden was standing behind his campaign manager, Julie Chávez Rodríguez. As she gave opening remarks during the Latinos for President Biden rally, Biden noticed a baby. Shortly after, he walked off and sat down with the baby and its mother.

When it was time for Biden to make remarks, he said,

“Well, folks, I have to tell you straight up, I like you all, but I couldn’t resist that little baby.”

Hey, the brain wants what it wants when it wants it. At least Joe Biden’s brain does.

Take either of these two things happening and Trump would be done.

If he can’t get enough Latinos together to fill a shoebox, Trump would be finished. And you can bet they Left would hit Trump with the hammer of Thor if he walked off stage to pretend to care about a baby.

Regardless, what is clear is Trump would have packed that venue. Cars would have been lined up for blocks, and people waiting in long line to enter the venue. Thousands of fans everywhere, and the venue would have easily exceeded the fire code.

But there Biden sat among the dozens of onlookers. Biden pretended to be “presidential”, as handlers stood nearby to make sure he didn’t screw up so badly they couldn’t fix it in the fake media.

If Biden weren’t so unpopular, I would wonder if they limited the crowds in order to limit the potential damage. Luckily for them, these events are easy to orchestrate, because people don’t care about Biden.

I truly look forward to Biden events. Each of them reinforces what we already know about him, his campaign, and his chances to repeat the “you know” of 2020.

Result of the Pander?

Biden got no bump by pandering to the Latino community. Because like Blacks, Latinos have sickened of Democrats. Latinos are not one-trick ponies who vote on immigration. Frankly, I think most Latinos of American descent hate open borders. They care about America.

Like all Americans, Bidenflation smacks them in the face daily. They fill up their cars like all other Americans and get that sticker shock. They pay much higher rents and mortgages like all other Americans, and they want relief.

Biden knows he’s in trouble. Biden told the several dozen supporters at the restaurant,

“I need you back.”

A clear admission that he knows he’s lost them, as was the attendance,

Biden went on to say that the upcoming election isn’t a referendum on him, but rather a choice between “me and a guy named Trump.”

Usually Biden doesn’t mention Trump by name, so that tells you he knows that Trump resonates with Latinos. Biden used Trump’s name to try to vilify him, and highlighted Trump’s what the Left paint as derogatory rhetoric toward Latinos. Most recently the Left fixates on Trump saying migrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.”

Truth is, these illegals are poisoning the blood of our country.

And this is not limited to Latinos, but all people who commit the crime of invading our sovereign land. Africans, Asians, and many others have no idea what our culture is. They come here for the wrong reasons, and not the way legal immigrants do.

I’m convinced that all the pandering by Team Biden will not help the man in the least. But at leasts “several dozen supporters” heard his message, right?


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