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Biden didn’t actually have to fight in 2020. So now he’s angry about actually fighting in his campaign against Trump and getting his butt kicked.

Unlike 2020, Joe Biden will actually have to campaign: on his history, as well as Trump’s history.

Americans have context for both candidates. Great presidency versus the worst presidency in American history. Biden is undoubtedly responsible for the latter.

Anybody think Biden can get 81 million votes in this next election?

Even with the onslaught of Leftist media, Donald Trump garnered a legitimate 74 million votes. And he will do far better this year. This fact vexes Joe Biden. Despite dementia, Biden maintains his big fat ego.

According to the report from NBC, Biden is “angry and anxious about his reelection effort.” As he should be. Because he has no chance of winning.

Nearly 20 lawmakers, present and past administration officials, and Biden allies, dished on his anger about Trump leading him in the polls.

NBC: “Biden has grown angry and anxious about his re-election effort”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 17, 2024

I love how the Left still hope that Trump’s legal battles ruin him.

Their zeal to get Trump causes them to overlook the facts: First, Americans know that Trump is being unfairly targeted. Second, Biden sucks.

So Biden’s poll numbers should come as no surprise to him, despite his dementia. So, it’s reported that when Biden found out that his numbers were dropping, he was “seething.”

In a private meeting at the White House in January, allies of the president had just told him that his poll numbers in Michigan and Georgia had dropped over his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Both are battleground states he narrowly won four years ago, and he can’t afford any backsliding if he is to once again defeat Donald Trump. He began to shout and swear, a lawmaker familiar with the meeting said.

Let’s keep it real, Biden didn’t really win any battleground states. This is what is reported and what Biden chooses to believe in order to legitimize his presidency. Again, more propaganda to rationalize his disgust with the polls. And an attempt to make believe that Biden actually feels like he’s done a good job.

Not by the lowest standards can anyone feel Biden’s presidency has been successful.

Biden fudges all the statistics, then believes his hype. Like his delusion that he built “an economy that created 15 million new jobs.” People know his is a manipulation of data. Biden just happened to be president when people returned to work post covid nonsense.

As for the jobs Biden created, they are mostly menial jobs that can’t keep pace with Bidenflation.

Biden’s solution is to get out more. Let the public see the real Biden. According to the report, Biden “chafed at restraints” that keep him from his adoring 81 million bots. But clearly you can see the campaign’s concerns when Biden appears in public.

HARD TO WATCH – Confused Biden wanders off in the rain, gets rescued by handlers, is almost knocked out by a door.

— The First (@TheFirstonTV) March 16, 2024

Believe it or not, Biden wants to get out more; to meet people face to face. But he is upset that his handlers want to prevent him from massive screwups.

Why isn’t Bidenism selling?

Joe Biden feels misunderstood. His data has convinced him that he’s bigger than life. His policies work (in theory), so why is it not selling (in reality)? Answer: reality.

Regardless, if we’ve learned anything about Biden, it’s not his fault. Biden supposedly blames his staff for their inability to sell his lies. To him, they must convince the American public to accept the lies. That’s what he hired them for.

But Biden’s anger and “excuses” attitude doesn’t sit well with everybody in his camp. Rep Adam Smith (D-WA), commented:

“Biden stood up in front of the whole world and said, ‘I’m ready. I’m the guy who can take down Donald Trump.’ “So, he goddamn well better do it. We don’t have time for him to be worried about whether or not people are saying things right or the poll numbers are where they should be. I want focused energy and not defensive anger.”

All Biden has is defensive anger. Because he knows for a fact that he can’t beat Trump. That cockiness from 2020 and the “you know” against Trump has been slapped from his heavily botoxed face.

Democrats don’t know whether to scratch their watches or wind their asses. How do you manage a man with so many problems. Policy problems, health problems, and that pesky age problem:

At times, Biden gets suggestions that conflict with one another. Some advisers have told him he should walk faster out of concern that his gait feeds impressions that he’s too old. And yet the White House is sufficiently worried about him tripping that he has taken to boarding Air Force One via a shorter staircase through the belly of the plane, forgoing the iconic image of the president waving from the main doorway high above the tarmac. [….]

Privately, Biden questions whether he should trust his gut instincts over the guidance coming from the array of advisers tending to his political interests, this person added.

Gut instincts? If his gut instincts are based on what happened in 2020, then he’s not trusting his guts; he’s trusting Dominion Voting Systems.

Some of his fast-dwindling allies are suggesting that he “package his record as part of an American renaissance. They believe Biden has created “a success story that is putting money into peoples’ pockets.”

Most people are no longer buying the drivel. Bidenflation eats up paychecks and raises. Moreover, when it comes to fooling the public, you can’t mess with their money.

Biden didn’t get the hopeful State of the Union bounce. The funny thing is that Democrats actually expected a bounce. Instead, Biden’s approval rating at this stage continues to hover around 38 percent. To put this in perspective, Biden is lower than that of George H.W. Bush (39 percent) and Jimmy Carter (43 percent) both of whom lost their second-term elections.

Democrats have been speaking of bloodbaths recently. Well, they will get a bloodbath in November. Because Conservatives and Republicans will bathe metaphorically in Biden’s blood on the day of the next election. Trump will get his comeuppance, and save America from the carnage of 4 more years of Biden.

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