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Biden speeches are famous for their content these days, as the lies have become more fanciful than Harry Potter books.

In this latest edition, Biden treats the vast audience of dozens to the exploits of “Uncle Bosey”–because that’s what everybody called him.


Back and when D-Day occurred, and on Sunday, the next day, my mother’s four brothers all went down in a recruiting station and joined the military. Everyone of ’em volunteered.

I always love when Biden embellishes. Not one, but all of his uncles, all four of them volunteered. This is quite possible, given how people actually loved America back then. I’m certain the records were clear on that. But then we get to the famous Uncle “Bosey” Biden.

Biden continues,

And my uncle and they called him, Ambrose, Brosey, they called him “Bosey”. My uncle Bosey was a hell of an athlete, they tell me when he was a kid.

Whether it should have been Brosey or Bosey, either way Joe the Liar introduced us to another legendary Biden. The question begs, “How did Hollywood miss making war movies of this real-life hero Biden?

First and as Joe mentioned, Uncle Bosey was a “hell of an athlete”. That’s certainly germane to the story, right?

Second, Biden reminds America of just how old he is as he details the exploits of Uncle Bosey, wait for it: flying a single-engine aircraft relic over a war zone.

And he became an Army Air Corps before the Air Force came on. He flew those single engine planes as reconnaissance over war zones.

Third, as with most of Biden’s demented utterances, the story gets better.

He got shot down in New Guinea. And uh they never found the body because there used to be or a lot of cannibals for real in that part of New Guinea. And uh.

Wait. Was Uncle Bosey eaten by cannibals? Of course he was, Stupid.

You don’t think the Air Corps couldn’t find the body because it was lost in the wreckage of a plane that torpedoed into earth after being shot down? No doubt cannibals got ahold of Uncle Bosey and dined on him.

If Uncle Bosey and his brothers were such heroes, why didn’t they enlist after Pearl Harbor? The war was practically over by the time D-Day occurred. What took so long?

I’m not moralizing, as they might have been too young or had other reasons. But I’m not buying Joey Demento’s version of things. Like his depiction and sickening use of Beau Biden.

The new legend: Beau Biden

What did Beau do in the war effort? He died! Beau Biden did nothing heroic per se in fighting for America. He didn’t jump on a grenade and save his squad of SEALs embroiled in a firefight. Biden didn’t run into a village and carry out a wounded Navy man on his back as shot whizzed by. Hell, Beau Biden didn’t even get a cat down from a tree. But that doesn’t stop, his father from milking his death by brain cancer for all it’s worth.

And then my son volunteered to go to Iraq for a year, and he came back with stage 4 glioblastoma. And and they and they gave, like many of you, risked your lives and you know people who gave their lives in the country, they’re heroes.

Here are the details of Beau Biden’s glorious military career:

Biden joined the Delaware Army National Guard in 2003 and attended The JAG School at the University of Virginia. He attained the rank of major in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps as part of the 261st Signal Brigade in Smyrna, Delaware.

Biden’s unit was activated to deploy to Iraq on October 3, 2008. Biden traveled to Washington, D.C. from Iraq in January 2009 for the presidential inauguration and his father’s swearing-in as vice president. He then returned to Iraq for a well-timed photo op with him and his dad at Camp Victory on July 4, 2009.

Biden returned from Iraq in September 2009 after completing his year-long stint on active duty as a JAG. He remained AG of Delaware during his deployment, a provision only the privileged get. And what tour of duty where you weren’t in harm’s way would be complete without an award. Thus, Biden was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his service in Iraq for doing absolutely nothing.

That’s the pathetic military career Joe Biden lauds as his son’s amazing military service.

Once Beau died, it was up to Hunter to continue the Biden military strategy. Joe Biden set the groundwork for Hunter to do his part in 2012:

Hunter Biden, the 42-year-old son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been selected to be commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

Biden will be commissioned early next year if he passes his medical tests and completes his administrative paperwork.

Currently a civilian, Biden will be commissioned as an ensign in the Navy Reserves and will be assigned to the Navy’s public affairs department.

Biden was one of seven applicants chosen to become a Reserve public affairs officer, Navy spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Chris Servello said. Biden applied for and was granted a waiver to join the program — the age limit is 42.

The Biden family hedged their bets. Two brothers in the reserves and all for show.

And despite both Beau and Hunter Bidens’ pathetic and embarrassing military service, they are lauded as “heroic” for the uninitiated.

Truism: Sorry America, but merely joining the military doesn’t make you a hero. And certainly joining the reserves for political optics doesn’t.

Still, Biden memorializes Beau Biden, aka the good son. In truth, had Beau survived, he who would have run the family’s crooked business.

I dare you to look up Beau Biden’s record as Attorney General of Delaware and see the blood trail established by him and his family. Delaware was a Biden fiefdom, that Joe Biden milked. After Beau died, the Bidens were forced to get Hunter into the military and start working crooked death outside of Delaware.

If Biden can build a criminal enterprise with crackhead Hunter, imagine his plans of domination with “war hero” Beau?

Still Biden wants America to believe that Trump is anti-military. He finishes with this statement.

But one of the things that I was I was doing that today, I was reminded, of what my opponent said in Paris not too long ago they asked me to go visit American grave sites, he said. No, he wouldn’t do it because they were all suckers and losers. I’m not making that up. The staff was listening to acknowledge that today, suckers and losers. And and undeserved. And then the commander chief for my son. 

Biden positioned both of his son’s as war heroes, when neither did anything heroic in their lives. Joe Biden slaps the faces of the true American heroes and not just military heroes. Joe Biden orchestrated his sons’ careers to further his own. Now that’s the Biden way.



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