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Democrats accuse Conservatives of having “hidden” problems. Take racism for example. Democrats tell Conservatives that conservatives don’t even know how racist conservatives are. Now Democrats creatively show Conservatives our evil ways.

For example, Democrats explain with “take one step” videos targeted at white families with two parents.

“If you grew up with both parents, take one step forward”.

These videos are inherently stupid and racist themselves. Because Conservatives aren’t separating Black parents from their children. But the idea of having both parents is somehow a problem created by Conservatives to “keep a brotha down”!?

Don’t get me started with the obvious racism of the Left. They “selected” one of the most racist guys to office in 2020. A man too obtuse to know he’s a racist, spouting out idiotic statements like, “You ain’t Black”.

The real topic here is how Democrats expose themselves daily, double-entendre intended. Take Hillary Clinton for example.

She recently declared that Donald Trump is going to steal the 2024 election. That’s Leftard for “Democrats plan to steal the election of 2024”. Just like they did in 2020.

Political has-been Hillary Clinton and other Leftist minions bet on the notion that “saving the democracy” will rally the troops.

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is going to steal the 2024 election. So Democrats are allowed to question election results, but when Trump questions elections, the Left sends Jack Smith after him. It’s ironic how Democrats claim they are “saving democracy.”

— Charles R Downs (@TheCharlesDowns) April 3, 2024

Consider what Clinton said as a pre-emptive strategy test.

Once Trump wins his second rightful term, Democrats will claim that he stole the election. They will freely and openly discuss election integrity, but from an entirely different perspective. Suddenly, disagreeing with election results will be in vogue.

Next, as Trump tries to govern, Democrats will do what they did his first term: tie President Trump up in court with frivolous nonsense–legal system shock and awe.

If Democrats are so afraid of the elections being stolen, then why not require valid voter ID, paper ballots only, etc. Instead they encourage drop-boxes, or other nefarious ways to cheat.

Google “election fraud” and you get a host of “academics” and “fact-checkers” supposedly debunking the idea that the 2020 election results weren’t valid. But what you won’t get is the actual facts from real experts.

Proof of ballot-stuffing, unmatched signatures, 100+ percent voting in various counties, and much more. But the real proof lies in the fact that Democrats have done everything possible to stop the truth from coming out.

They placed cardboard over windows where vote counts occurred to obscure their theft. They kicked out people who were sent to supervise the vote counts. Worse, they sued to keep certain information from being seen by the public.

2020 represents the biggest attack on America since the Civil War, and that’s not hyperbole. And while Google and other search engines will limit the reach of this article because I express my opinion (truth) on election cheating, I’m willing to debate any of their so-called experts publicly on this issue. I guarantee you they are unwilling to do the same.

Biden has no chance in a fair election

Just as in 2020, Joe Biden has no chance of winning a fair election. What’s worse for 2024 is Biden has no chance of winning an unfair election in his favor.

No one would believe that Biden can get 81 million votes again. Ballot-stuffing will be much more difficult as states implemented checks and balances. Next, Conservatives are watching their voter records closely to prevent Democrats from identity theft. And while there are many reasons Biden can’t steal the 2024 presidency, the biggest involves the mass exodus of Democrats.

In 2020, the outcry for Trump mainly came from Republicans. But this year will be different. Black people left the Democrats in droves. And if Trump loses, it won’t be a bunch of corn-fed white boys marching on DC. If Trump losses, the march on DC will look like the second coming of MLK, Jr.

So what will Democrats do to cheat? Everything. That’s all they know. But this time the big cheat won’t work.

Hopefully Trump has learned his lesson, and will no longer surround himself with blood-sucking leeches who represent the Uniparty. Changing the RNC chair is a good start. But this time around he must drain the existing swamp and perhaps his own swamp.


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