The following article, No Polls or Voting Machines Will Save Biden, was first published on The Black Sphere.

I’ve stated forcefully and with certainty that Donald Trump will serve his rightful second term. Sadly for Democrats, they must embrace this reality.

Of course they will continue with their propaganda, asking Americans to dispel common sense and math. But in no way does the math add up where Biden wins.

I chide all the virtue-signal Biden supporters, knowing that save a few brain-damaged zealots most of them play for the camera. After November 5, most so-called Biden supporters will hardly mention his name. If asked, they will deflect, and pretend to hate Trump. But they will thank their lucky stars, as they watch their stock portfolios grow, and once again gas up their cars with $3 per gallon gasoline.

But I’ve jumped ahead. For now, Leftists will regale us with Biden lies and propaganda. And it’s already started.

Post-Trump-verdict, Time reported in a bogus poll that Biden had taken the lead on Trump. Do they really think people believe this? Democrats tried this strategy right after the state of the union and failed. It will fail again.

Nobody believes Biden is winning any poll against Trump. That idea is pure insanity, as Biden has been getting trounced, since Trump became the official nominee. That too won’t change.

So when I see any poll where Biden leads Trump or they are in a supposed statistical tie, I call bullsh*t.

Let’s look at Biden from a common sense perspective and begin with his age.

Biden ages one year every week. Watch any public appearance of Biden this week, and  know for certain that next week will be worse. Biden makes more mistakes in one five-minute speech than Trump makes in a month of two-hour speeches.

And wouldn’t you like to see the debate prep for Biden?

I’m not talking about review of policy issues, but what Democrats will do to try to help Biden avoid a “Weekend at Bernie’s” performance. Nothing will work, as Trump will demolish Biden.

Post-debate, Democrats won’t be able to control the damage. Biden’s campaign, already on a downhill slide will be in complete freefall with no parachute.

Next, Biden is bleeding so bad from the border, all the field doctors can do is give him a shot of morphine and moved.

Biden’s border problem hit home, even with citizens from states that don’t border Mexico. The invasion is now felt by all. And not tangentially, as citizens see the illegals housed in hotels and apartments, for free.

Again, the public soundly rejects Biden’s attempt to make this the fault of Republicans. Biden proudly stated what he would do on border issues while campaigning. Once “selected” in the coup, Biden delivered.

He canceled Trump’s border policies, and invited millions of illegals into the country. This massive problem is his. And his latest attempt to fix the problem was an obvious pander.

The invasion heaped a lot on Biden’s boney shoulders.

He pissed off Blacks and working-class whites with his giveaways to illegals. Biden has lost at least 10 points in the Black community, and I’m being frugal in this assessment. I’d be willing to bet that Blacks vote in the 25-30 percent range for Trump.

But it’s not just Blacks.

Biden is losing the women’s vote, the Latino vote, the youth vote, the Jewish vote, the Muslim votes, and much more. So please show me a mathematical model that favors Biden.

Ask of Biden’s popularity, performance, and so on and he’s alarmingly upside down. Joe Biden ranks the lowest for any president in history on multiple levels, yet Leftists hang in there with him. Then again, what choice do they have?

The  next shoe to drop.

With Hunter Biden under fire, Joe Biden may find himself forced to come to his rescue. But as other things implode around him, Biden may be forced to do the unthinkable, and resign.

Already the media is questioning Biden about his age and mental acuity. And they are just getting started. Soon they will ask him about his connection to Hunter’s business dealings.

Once the veneer cracks, game over. And I still haven’t addressed Biden’s other big problems: crime and inflation.

Biden can lie about bringing crime down, but the public sees what’s happening. And while Biden says he inherited 9 percent inflation, the public knows that’s a lie.

It’s only taken 4 years, but Americans see Biden for what he is: a pathological liar. But so will be all the people who helped him get elected, then ran interference for him.


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