Lavoy Finicum Film

Lavoy Finicum Film

Lavoy Finicum is a three-part documentary that explores the weaponization of the criminal justice system for political purposes. The first installment, The Oregon Trials deals with the tragic death of Lavoy Finicum. He was killed by Oregon State Police officers under the direction of the FBI. A federal judge joins with the FBI to railroad those she believes to be guilty.

What caused the ruckus? Occupation of an empty and unkempt cluster of federal buildings on a bird refuge 30 miles outside of the town of Burns, in Harney County. Oregon.

During the Oregon Trial, powerful people labeled 2016 Malheur Refuge protesters as domestic terrorists. The prisoners were subjected to brutal treatment in pre-trial detainment, even thrown into solitary confinement in feces laden dungeon cells. What you will learn about this case will shock and dismay you.

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