We cannot accomplish our goals without you.

And we cannot depend on the sporadic support we get from a few.

So we are asking our loyal fans to help.
Be 1 of 250 to support each of the following on a monthly recurring basis for $20:
  • TKJN General Operation Fund
  • TKJN Radio Show

Of the millions of people who have seen and respect my work, surely 500 of them are willing to help us out.

Objections? We know, we know.
  • It’s YOUR money; well Democrats don’t care. So if you want a team of political special forces fighting for you, you must feed the troops.
  • You don’t like making recurring donations. Well, Democrats take your money monthly. Frankly, they take your money whenever they want. So better to help a team who really care, than Leftists.
A few people have donated enough to be added to the teams. And we have a few people who currently donate monthly. So THANK YOU for that. Now it’s time to see who else is willing to step up.
Thanks to those in advance who are willing to help us out.

TKJN General Fund

Kevin Jackson Radio Show