The Left want to crush our most feared patriots. We’ve seen it with President Trump, but the Left is indiscriminate in their attack and have attacked many other patriotic Americans. 

Kevin Jackson was fired from Fox News for speaking the truth about the Kavanaugh accusers whom he described as “lying skanks”. Kevin proudly stood by the comment, though he could have kept his job had he retracted the statement.

The former Fox News contributor was sued in a class-action lawsuit for daring to send a text message to a target group in Philadelphia asking, “Why are illegals being let out of prisons for the same crimes as Americans?”
Though exonerated, his $25,000 text project generated almost $100,000 in legal fees.

Ultimately, the agency created a $41,000 “tax issue”, that didn’t exist. The Left targets Kevin Jackson, because at one point he reached millions through his work on TV, his radio show, and his website.
Kevin Jackson was kicked off Facebook with no reason given and lost access to over a million followers. His crime? Offering his opinion. Kevin only got his Twitter (now X) page back after the purchase of the site by Elon Musk. He had been off the site for
two years.

Through all of this, Kevin Jackson persevered. He even challenged Hollywood and the political narrative of “cops hunting blacks” making the film Bleeding Blue. Hollywood tried to prevent this movie from being made by blackballing him with distributors and theater-owner. When Congressmen Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs attempted to get the film show to Congress, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to show the film at the Congressional House Theater.

Kevin Jackson needs your support now more than ever. His new venture will send shockwaves through the film industry and help Conservatives restore sanity.

We want to help Kevin Jackson raise the $20,000 necessary for him to set this plan in motion.
The Left fear Kevin Jackson, because he resonates.

It is up to us to help keep our warriors fighting for our beliefs.

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